Nothing vanilla about vnlla

Three ways to unleash your creativity
Each bottle of Vnlla includes a
Bamboo Cap
Clear Strip
and a
Premium Glass Bottle

Available in three variations

Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure Vanilla Extract made with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.

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Vanilla Extract +

Our Pure Vanilla Extract blended with other natural flavors that delivers that classic taste at a consistent price.

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Vanilla + Flavor Blends

lemon\ orange\ spice

Our Pure Vanilla Extract blended with natural extracts and flavors to take delicious to the next level.

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It’s not just the product, it's also the people

For over a century, thousands of smallholder Madagascar farmers have grown and sold the world’s largest, and best, Bourbon vanilla crop. We’re working with over 7,000 farmers across the SAVA region of Madagascar, sustainably sourcing our vanilla and ensuring that it’s traceable and of premium quality – year after year.

of global vanilla production takes place in the SAVA region of Madagascar.
largest island in the world! A quarter of Madagascar’s gross national product is agricultural.
Madagascar farmers (in the SAVA region) plant, pollinate, care for & harvest vanilla orchid plants.
Flowers are hand pollinated.
Hand curing vanilla beans is an intricate, detailed process that takes months.

For us, it’s all
about the bean.

600 blossoms need to be pollinated by hand to produce 6 kg of green beans
Around 6kg of green vanilla beans are needed to produce 1kg of black beans
For 10 Liters of concentrated vanilla extract, a minimum of
1 kg vanilla
beans are needed

Gourmet Grade
A Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Our beans are of the highest quality with a moisture content of at least 30% and filled with fragrant vanilla caviar.

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Pure, creative baking.

Use #vnlla to share your creations.

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