Spiced Buttered Rum Latte

Make this indulgent yet savory Spiced Buttered Rum Latte with warm spice notes.
YIELD Syrup for 4 Lattes

Ingredients Ingredients

5 Total
  • 8oz (110g) Grass Fed Butter
  • 4oz (112g) Dark Rum
  • 4oz (112g) Water
  • .5oz (13g) vnlla + Spice
  • 8oz (225g) Organic Cane Sugar

Make the Spiced Buttered Rum Syrup

  1. Start with a small on low heat and heat your favorite unsalted butter.
  2. Allow the butter to melt and subsequently crackle as it clarifies.  The goal here is clarified butter, so feel free to purchase Ghee or clarified butter at your local shop.
  3. Once the butter has clarified, you can strain it through a cheesecloth or strainer and set it aside.
  4. Meanwhile, in a second small pan, add dark rum (nothing too fancy) and let that come to a boil, and cook off.   If you’re feeling ambitious, you can take a lighter to it and more quickly burn off the ethanol.
  5. Afterward, add water to that rum, and allow that to come up to a brief boil.
  6. Next, add unrefined sugar.  We prefer organic “evaporated cane juice” but you can choose something darker.  This depends on the intention; darker sugars will dominate the flavor a bit more.
  7. Stir in your sugar while on the heat until completely dissolved. The result should be a smooth and reasonably thick syrup.
  8. In a storage container, bring the clarified butter and the rum syrup together and combine, as the butter cools it will thicken and this will help it keep the mixture in suspension. If you have a blender, you can also blend the two until emulsified.
  9. Lastly, but most importantly, we’ll add and mix in vnlla Extract + Spice to give it the real dimension

Build Latte

  1. When building your drink, we take our standard double shot espresso, and steam one ounce off our buttered rum mixture together with 8-10 ounces of our favorite whole milk.
Three vanilla extract bottles with lemon, orange, and spice flavors
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